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coyote hunt

(See the photo's, for starters)

These are coyotes that were trapped - hauled in deplorable conditions to be sold to "hunters": Wildlife Pen operators who will put them in an enclosure and hold contests where dogs compete to chase, harrass and kill these animals at will.

Is this "hunting"? Not hardly what the public majority would think of as hunting. So, why is this allowed? It brings little to no revenue, does nothing for "conservation".

Why are our state agencies allowing this?

The Wildlife "pen" owners will tell you they do NOT allow their dogs to harm the wildlife.

raccoon practices

The next 2 photo's show their "unharmed wildlife".

Not "hunting", yet Sportsmen Groups demand our state wildlife agencies sanction this.

The Barbaric, archaic steel leg-hold traps are still allowed - ON PUBLIC LANDS!

Public recreational land is being gobbled up and maintained at taxpayer's expense to be utilized by hunters.

Taxation without equal representation. Isn't that enough reason to demand reform? How many reasons does the Institution of Wildlife Management need?

The policies and directives of State Wildlife Management should never have made it as far as they have. They are lopsided, antiquated and much of what is sanctioned by these agencies is agreed to behind closed doors and euphemistic pretension to the public.

Ironically, the organizations and Alliance groups that defend hunting are the ones hurting the tradition the most. By radically attempting to block citizen or legislative action for ANY animal protection, they have sent a message that nothing is off limits or too cruel in their opinion.

In a civilized society these organizations and Alliance groups would be smarter. They would come to the table to compromise. They would admit that it is finally time to review some of their practices and "games" and clean up the Hunting front.

They would support democracy, their fellow citizens, the wildlife they proclaim to treasure and the public majority opinion against barbaric cruelty.

Even now as a Bill (H.R. 2210

raccoon hunt