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An analysis of inhumane glue traps for rodents

Glue traps are traps that involve sticky adhesive (a glue) on a flat surface that will trap smaller rodent and keep it in place until it dies, or until someone comes and kills it. In many of states, glue traps are forbidden because they are considered as inhumane traps that torture animals and cause unnecessary stress and pain. In other states, glue traps can be used only by licensed and properly authorized pest control managers, and only in specific areas, such as food manufacturing locations. This doesn't include supermarkets, restaurants or fast foods, so it is illegal to use glue traps in such premises. Mentioned premises where it is forbidden to use glue traps must find different ways to resolve potential rodent problem. They should consult professionals to find all-encompassing solution for prevention or resolving of rodent infestation.

Based on previously specified, glue traps are no longer sold freely and you can't just go out and get one. Whoever is selling glue traps will request a proper identification and authorization before selling glue trap to a buyer. If you are a seller of glue traps you must make sure that you are selling a glue trap to authorized person, or you could be fined for illegal sale. On the other side, illegal use is also subject to appropriate penalty, which can even include jail time. Official authorities take care to follow sellers' and buyers activity on this matter.

Glue traps should be used under very strict rules of procedure. It has already been mentioned that they can be used only in certain premises and by authorized persons. Glue traps shouldn't be placed anywhere outside. Glue traps must be attached to the premise so that animal can't take it with itself to another location. All glue traps have to be checked regularly at least once a day.

If rodent is found in glue trap it has to be humanly killed as soon as possible. If animal other than rodent gets trapped, it should be tried to get it out of the trap and to remove the glue from it.

Glue traps are under such a strict control because they are incredibly inhumane. Rodent is glued onto the trap and can die in a very slow and painful death, starving and completely stressed out, loosing control over themselves. This is something that definitely isn't humane and should be prevented whenever possible.